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SHOWS & Publications


Collect Somerset House (2024 and 2023)

Contemporary Applied Art (2023 to present)

Velarde (2023 to present)

Tonic Gallery (2022 to present)

Cameron Contemporary Art (2022 to present)

JOC Ceramics (2021 to present)

Craftmongers Gallery (2020 to present)

Lingwood Samuel Gallery (2020)

Bevere Gallery Worcester (2020 to present)

Thrown Contemporary (2020)

Milton Keynes Gallery (2019 to present)

Woburn Art Gallery (2019)

Westminster Reference Library (2018)

WAES Creative Graduates exhibition 2018.

Milton Keynes Central Library (2017)





Work Publications

Artists book of Milton Keynes by Linda Wilks & Ann Pegg, 2017.

Frank magazine

Molly maker

Ceramic review


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