Five Week Pottery Sessions

Each one of my pottery sessions has a theme, previously we have had such things as a tea set, or serving platters; this gives the students a focus during the five week session. A mood board will be provided for the theme and to get the inspiration started. Some students may decide to use one or more of the images, or only use the mood board to get going. The theme can be interpreted as you like. The ceramic pieces can be thrown on the potters wheel or hand built, and are subsequently decorated and glazed. Pieces will be fired in our kiln between sessions as necessary.

The different interpretation is what makes the session so interesting. I always encourage my students to carry out research on the topic and create a portfolio with images from the net, cuttings from magazines and your own sketches; you can decide to do as much as you feel like, there is no pressure. Though by doing some research new ideas emerge and the whole design process becomes so much more interesting. We all have busy lives so if you don’t feel you have time to do the research don’t worry. My main goal is for my students to enjoy themselves and discover the fantastic media of clay.

By the last lesson you will decide on one or more items you wish to present, as your final piece to the group. This will be a quick talk of around a couple of minutes for each student where you will show the group what your inspiration was and which ideas you had; and finally if the finished result is what you planned for, or if the creative journey changed the design.

There will be between three and six students of mixed ability in each class. The five week sessions are not a discrete course and some students continue to attend the sessions month after month and continue to expand their knowledge and improve their pottery skills. All materials will be provided.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.



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