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Collection title: Life

The ceramic sculpture is an embodiment of a story between the relationship of humans and each other, as well as with themselves. 

The ceramic art collection is  a mixture of hand built and thrown pieces that are then altered. The emphasis is in the contrast of the texture and the choice of porcelain and black stoneware as well as the various tones you achieve when combining them together.

The placement of the individual ceramics on the bespoke Portland stone plinths give them a new dimension by capturing the relationship between the objects.

These sculptures will be more than mere artworks; they’ll be vessels of narratives, carrying uniqueness and individual strength that highlight the potential for positive change though their shape and texture. The use of ceramics adds a layer of metaphor, just as clay itself undergoes transformation to become something beautiful and strong, paralleling the journeys of life. 


To commission an art project please contract us by the bottom. 



My greatest moment of intimacy, was not the evening we took all our clothes off. 
But it was when you saw me at my most difficult state.
Like how you witnessed the most unlovable parts of me. 
As I slowly unraveled each imperfection in front of you like a scar.
And despite all of this, you loved me harder anyway.

by Conee Berdera

My design process starts with observing the world.
The inspiration can be a stroll through town, human interaction, a poem or a piece of music. Everything is absorbed by my imagination and my creative process starts to take shape which entails collecting images and sketching ideas for a new collection.

The inspiration for Life comes from within my family and people around me. Its based around seeing how people interact and how the negative shapes forms when they share a space. My collection Life is about how we position ourselves and how we choose to share our weaknesses.

This poet has helped me through my design process

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