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  Rosa Wiland Holmes

The ceramic sculpture is an embodiment of a story between the relationship of humans and each other, as well as with themselves. Drawn from diverse racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic backgrounds.

The ceramic art collection is  a mixture of hand built and thrown pieces that are then altered. The emphasis is in the contrast of the texture and the choice of porcelain and black stoneware as well as the various tones you achieve when combining them together.

The placement of the individual ceramics on the bespoke plinths give them a new dimension by capturing the relationship between the objects.

These sculptures will be more than mere artworks; they’ll be vessels of narratives, carrying uniqueness and individual strength that highlight the potential for positive change though their shape and texture. The use of ceramics adds a layer of metaphor, just as clay itself undergoes transformation to become something beautiful and strong, paralleling the journeys of the female shapes.

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