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RELATIONSHIP- click for more info

RELATIONSHIP- click for more info




Two organic clay objects placed on a Portland stone plinth in an embracement. The objects are slightly interlinked at the neck of the vessels to symbolise the gentle touch and connection between the pair.


The clay of the scuptures has been altered in the studio, and is mixed into 1 to 3 parts of black and white clays to give them different tones before being carefully placed onto the pottery wheel and thrown into the initial beginnings of the vessels. After this the careful hand building of the shaping of the organic figures begins.


Vessel one is 1 part black stoneware and 2 part porcelain whereas vessel two is 1 part porcelain and 2 part black stoneware.

This symbolise how we are all different but in the end the same. It doesn't matter where we come from as we are all the same inside.


By placing the connecting sculptures on stone plinths they become stronger and united as one.


The sculpture is part of my collection LIFE that was done for the exhibition at Collect in Somerset House with Contemporary Applied Art.


Height 56cm,


Black stoneware 

Portland Stone plinth.



Want to have a better look before deciding?

Why not arrange a studio visit to see the whole collection in person.

My studio is in Great Brickhill which is a small village 30 minutes by train from Euston London, and is under an hour drive from London.


I will make you a nice cup of tea, or coffee and you can enjoy while you have a look at the art work.


I can deliver locally in a radius of 20 km or I can use Van Go Art Couriers which is a well regarded art transporter within the galleries I work with.


If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me.

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